• Some people are surprised that I am still involved in the wool industry - some, indeed, might be disappointed that I am! On the other hand, a lot of people understand my reasons and perhaps appreciate them.

  • You only need to see the sheep out in the fields, roaming the moors day and night in all weather conditions to see how tough wool is. The wool is battered by wind, rain, hail and snow so needs to be very resilient and have natural water repellency to keep the wet and cold away from the skin and the sheep warm and snug. It is this natural water repellency that gives wool carpet owners the time to blot up a spill before it soaks into the carpet.

  • Flooring Show Live!

    We’ve created live feed of the 2015 The Flooring Show in Harrogate. Visitors will see evidence of how well wool carpets perform under extreme conditions, with a live video feed and, a demonstration of the unique "Bouncebackability" effect - the natural ability of wool carpets to return to their original appearance after they have been trodden on all day. Curtis says "we all know how safe wool is, and visitors to the Show will be given leaflets to explain the natural health benefits of wool. We have some great imagery for retailers to use and we think it will give everyone an opportunity to learn more about wool and why it is the best choice naturally!”

  • The Flooring Show Harrogate 2015

    The 2015 Flooring Show in Harrogate is the most important show for UK wool carpet manufacturers and retailers. This year the range of wool carpets and rugs on show is exceptional and marks the realisation in the industry that wool is the all round performer that others try desperately to emulate - but never will!

  • Bradford, the original capital city of the world`s wool trade, hosted a meeting on the 11th June of some of the most powerful and influential people in the British carpet industry. The carpet sector is one of the largest consumers of wool and employs thousands of people and hundreds of thousands of miles of carpets and rugs are produced and sold around the world each year!

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