Natural Science of Wool

Wool is a complex wonder of nature and we should not take it for granted. It protects the sheep from the vagaries of the weather and the different conditions it has to live in. Shearing is part of good animal husbandry and enables the sheep to grow a healthy new fleece.



Wool biodegrades naturally and can be said to be truly blue planet friendly.


Bouncebackabilty : The ability for wool carpets to bounce back

Wool fibre is like a coiled spring and this gives wool its ability to both stretch and compress before bouncing back to its original shape making a wool carpet so resilient and resists flattening. This is one reason why wool carpets are preferred by airports, hotels and other commercial installations for their flooring – it makes good business sense for them and it is just the same for your family home.



Wool has the amazing ability to "breathe” with the atmosphere, regulating moisture in the air and keeping it comfortable. It also acts as a filter by absorbing many organic compounds in modern household atmospheres, binding them permanently to the fibre and away from the air we breathe.


Cleanabilty - The ability to clean wool carpets

Wool is easy to clean. It has a protective outer membrane which repels water like a raindrop off a duck`s back. Wool also resists staining because the membrane locks out liquid longer giving you plenty of time to mop up spills.


Sustainability of Wool Carpets

Wool is one of nature’s gifts; we have raised sheep for thousands of years and wool is a wonderful natural resource which has been used sustainably by man throughout the ages. It bio-degrades and composts easily, enriching soil for plant life.


Fire resistant : The ability of wool carpets to not catch fire

Wool is naturally fire resistant because the composition of the fibre requires more oxygen to sustain a flame than is present in our atmosphere – this means if you drop a match or a lit cigarette on a wool carpet, it would smoulder for a while and then the flame would extinguish. A great safety feature for wool carpets.


Wearability : combination of Woolabilities which together make a wool carpet look better, last longer and is planet friendly!

A combination of Woolabilities which together make a wool carpet look better, last longer and is planet friendly!