About Wool Carpets #Naturally

This website has been created by the "Wool Carpet Focus Group" to illustrate and inform about the use of wool in the carpet industry.

Wool, a sustainable natural product for carpets

Wool is an ancient fibre. It has evolved over centuries to protect sheep from the vagaries of the climate. After the sheep are shorn, these original free range animals go off into the countryside and feed naturally on the pastures and hills and fertilise the land. They grow brand new fleeces for the winter, a sustainable product, a gift of nature and part of good animal husbandry. Wool is also the most intelligent fibre around and it has many natural properties which makes wool the best choice for carpets #naturally!

The Wool Carpet Focus Group (WCFG)

The Wool Carpet Focus Group is formed with the sole mission of promoting wool as a carpet fibre.

Our Partners

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