Wool Carpets & Wool Rugs are both safe and naturally beautiful

Learn a little more about why wool carpets and wool rugs are the best #naturally! Wool feels good, looks good and is good for the environment! Invest a little more and you will consume less. In the medium to long term the benefits outweigh any extra cost.

Natural Science of Wool

Wool is a complex wonder of nature and we should not take it for granted. It protects the sheep from the vagaries of the weather and the different conditions it has to live in....

Bouncebackabilty : The ability for wool carpets to bounce back


Wool fibre is like a coiled spring and this gives wool its ability...

Cleanabilty - The ability to clean wool carpets


Wool is easy to clean. It has a protective outer membrane which...

Sustainability of Wool Carpets


Wool is one of nature’s gifts; we have raised sheep for thousands of...

Ask a Question about Wool Carpets

How well do wool carpets clean?

Wool carpets after they are cleaned look better than synthetic carpets after they have been...

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Why are some synthetic carpets more...?

It isn’t always a matter of price when someone chooses a carpet. Sometimes, the customer...

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About Wool Carpets #Naturally

This website has been created by the "Wool Carpet Focus Group" to illustrate and inform about the use of wool in the carpet industry.

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News from the blog

Naturally Spotless Wool

You only need to see the sheep out in the fields, roaming the moors day and night in all weather conditions to see how tough...

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Flooring Show Live!

We’ve created live feed of the 2015 The Flooring Show in Harrogate. Visitors will see evidence of how well wool carpets perform under extreme conditions,...

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